These pictures illustrate, in reverse chronological order, my creations on the 3D Model Design course at the University of Hertfordshire. Click to view detail.
This Egyptian box and statues I designed and constructed in the final year (box - resin, fibreglass, MDF 400x450x450mm, statues - resin 200mm tall):
To accompany the box I created 3 Canopic jars and a simulated beating human heart (jars - fastcast 200mm tall, heart - silicone mastic 110x120x60mm operated by hand-cranked air-pistons):
During work-experience at Artem, I made the star-shaped log (MDF, resin, bark 600x350x350mm) for a Kia car commercial, and helped with the fibreglass car-shell for an epsiode of the BBC's Ed and Oucho's Excellent Inventions:
This automaton of a cat I made during the 2nd year has moving eyes and paw (papier-mache over wire mesh frame 200x200x300mm):
In 2009 the opera Alban was staged in St Alban's Cathedral. For this live project, I assisted the costume designer Ann Hollowood with the design of Roman period jewellery. The items illustrated below I sculpted, cast and finished (resin fibulas each approx 130mm):
I made these leather arm protectors based on work experience gained at Artisan Armours during the 2nd year, where I helped produce armour for the Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans movies:
This is a replica of a hammer I made using oak and beech wood (250mm). The bird character was then adapted from a resin cast of it:
During the first year I invented a frog character with exchangeable faces (Fimo 200mm high). The bird character mask was made to gain experience of vac-forming. The penguin is made of slotted cardboard:
I painted these before starting the university Art Foundation course:

Images and designs © Margaret Plunkett